How we doin’ Boutique Peeps? Welcome to the NorthShore Boutique website!

We’ve been working diligently over the last few months to get this website up and running. Our goal is to connect with our customers in a fun new way. We want this website to be somewhere you can come to find out about our products, shows, and special promotions. I’ll also be writing new blog posts periodically talking about what’s going on with the store and fun ways I’ve found to use the NorthShore Boutique products.

For those of you who have been shopping with us over the last year, you’ll notice we’ve changed our name. After a lot of thinking we’ve decided that NorthShore Invitation Station no longer reflected who we are. While we still carry them, we’re more than just invitations and stationary, we’re a place where our customers can come and get gifts for any occasions, where they can decorate their homes and themselves. We wanted our name to reflect all of who we are and NorthShore Boutique does just that.

Coming up this season we’ve got some OUTSTANDING new products and patterns. Spring and Summer 2015 is all about adding a twist to the traditional. This season my favorite pattern is “Toil Aboard” from Scout. You can carry around some of the most iconic sites from Washington D.C. and London and impress all your friends with how well traveled you are. Or are pretending to be J. My favorite product right now is our yoga mat. I love doing yoga and having a personalized monogrammed mat makes it very easy to stand out in a crowd. I think my instructor gives me more attention just because she can see my mat anywhere in the room. Also, we know that wedding shower season is right around the corner, and we have some fabulous stationary that will make your invitations pop!

I think I’ll end here for now. Don’t want to throw too much information your way at one time. I’m so glad you came by the website. A special heartfelt thank you to RJ who put this website together. To Diane, who keeps us all on track with her attention to detail. And to my husband, Jeff, who gave me the gentle push to explore my passion for color and personalization – Thank you! Please take a peek and check it out.

Fire up Boutique Peeps!

Sallie Nyhan Davis