There are backpacks to fill and dorm rooms to decorate!

Here at NorthShore Boutique, we ensure that there will be no shortage of delightfully patterned and monogrammed pencil cases, lunch boxes, planners, and more. 

These items, particularly under our Fall Favorites section, are perfect for every student. We have our precious Preschool Backpacks for the little ones and our classic Campus and Monogram Backpacks for the older kids. All the essentials to make your child feel prepared for the first day are available and cuter than ever. 

Dorm rooms can be one of the most daunting challenges to decorate. However, NSB is here to help ease your child's transition to college by transforming their space into a cozy oasis that is still conducive to studying. With limited room and a healthy amount of wall to cover, students can use our lovely Wooden Monograms and Personalized Canvases to adorn their dorm. Customizable pillows and blankets are also available and a great way to combine comfort with style. 

Want some ideas and design suggestions? Call Sallie at (847) 657-0001 to set up an appointment and see all that NorthShore Boutique has to offer.